How To Fix Hotmail Connector Error Code 0x8004102a

Undoubtedly, Microsoft’s Hotmail is one of the fastest mailing services across the globe. People like to use this service because of its low memory consumption. Still, it is not free from errors. Many users complained about the Hotmail connector error code 0x8004102a. The error code means that there is a problem with Sync of email accounts. However, if you are facing the same, you can go through the article.

Here you can get the solutions with which you can solve the error on your own. At the same time, if you don’t have enough time to resolve the issue on your own, then also you can contact us. Our experts will assist you accordingly.

What Is Hotmail Connector Error Code 0x8004102a?

You will find this error when you try to sync your Hotmail account using the Hotmail Connector. The Hotmail error is one of the most critical problems that can corrupt the internal data of your system. If you find the error, you can not send or receive any mail.

The Reasons Behind The Error Code

There can be several reasons for the error code. Incomplete installation of a program on your computer can trigger such error codes. Again, if you turn off the computer without closing the running program, then you can see the same. Continuously, putting the wrong registry key may cause the same error message. Whatever may be the issue, you can solve it with the help of the given instruction.

How To Fix The Error Code 0x8004102a

You can follow these solutions to fix the Hotmail connector error on your own. Try out each process one after another.

Solution 1: Check Whether The Reason Is Mail Folder Or Not

First of all check, the mail folder is causing the error or not. To check it, go to the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector account and navigate to the folder to see all the folders. From this list, find out the folders of connector account. Now, choose Sync Issues subfolder and go through it to find the lines

  • Error Synchronizing FolderError: cc
  • Server Command: CHANGE
  • Server Id: 1a043616-0a1c-4464-95ab-3fdf0d5fd804
  • Folder Name: DeletedFolderName5.

From there you will get the name of the folder which is causing the error. If the folder is a mail folder of Outlook or Hotmail, then you need to locate the folder which with the current items.  Now, copy the folder and save it with a temporary name and delete the original one.

Solution 2: Check If It Is The Secondary Calendar Folder

Secondly, what you can do is to check if the secondary calendar folder is creating the Hotmail Connector Error code 0x8004102a or not. To test it, log in your Hotmail account and locate the calendar page. Now select deleted calendar folder to open settings page. After that, click on the delete button. If you don’t find the folder on the Live Calendar page, then the error will disappear. Finally, send a mail and check whether you are getting the error message or not.

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