How To Change Signature In Hotmail | Step Wise Procedure

Many of us use Hotmail for email service to send and receive information and other attachments. Its latest features allow us to create and send signatures to makes it more convenient than the previous ones. We can attach stickers, text, emoticons in emails. If you are using Hotmail for business purpose, you can add a business card and organization logo to make it look more formal. But many users are not aware of “how to change signature in Hotmail”.

If you are not able to use the email service to the fullest, read the article to learn the procedure of applying and changing the Signature feature. Hotmail is a personalized email service that is loaded with endless features and add-ons that allows you to create and sent signatures, images through messages.

How To Change Signature In Hotmail | In Simple Ways

If you want to change the Signature font and hyperlink simply delete the last one you created. Otherwise, you can make some other modifications. We will discuss the method in two parts. First, we will edit the Signature and then learn to change it. So read till the end.

Step 1: Create And Edit Signature

First, open Hotmail account and choose the Message option. Some options will open, and you will find the signature dialog box. Select it and make the required modifications by choosing the Edit option.

You can add images, logo or write any message. Crop the image if required and make sure to apply all the changes. But if you are not looking to edit the file and rather want to know “how to change signature in Hotmail” continue with the next section.

Step 2: Make A New Signature Pattern

Log in to your Hotmail account and tap on Options from the menu available at the right corner of your screen. Now go to the Mail platform and select the Hotmail Options. Then, tap on the icon near the header named as “Message Font And Signature”.

You will come across a menu. Select the font size and type. Choose the Personal Signature option if you want to refresh the content previously written. Else, tick the box above the Personal Signature and enter a preferred message. Use the preview to see how the changes will look once applied. Save and Apply all the modifications you have made.  

Now, the new signature pattern will appear on your display. You can also resize and crop images if you want to. Further, you can add some more formatting options to make your message look classy.

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