The Ultimate Guide On How To Remove Hotmail Account From Windows 10

Hotmail provides high security for users to keep their emails safe. It enables you to send huge files in a single email from your Hotmail account. However, you may want to delete Hotmail account to share less data with Microsoft. It will prevent Hotmail from uploading your data to Microsoft’s server without your consent. Therefore, you need to know how to remove Hotmail account from Windows 10.

This article will serve you as a guide to remove Microsoft account from Windows 10. So, keep reading to learn some effective procedures to remove the account without any hassle.

How To Remove Hotmail Account From Windows 10?

Follow the instructions given below properly:

Delete Hotmail account login from Control Panel

Go to Control Panel and select User Account under Large icons tab. Now, click the link for Manage Another Account. Windows 10 will display all the existing accounts on your computer. You will need to select Hotmail/Microsoft Account which you want to delete. Choose the Delete The Account option. A window appears and asks you to click on the Keep Files button if you want to keep the files of your Hotmail account intact. After that, you can delete your Hotmail account.

Delete Hotmail account login from Netplwiz

Open the Run Box on Windows 10 and type Netplwiz in it. A user Account window will open where you have to find that the Auto-login is active. Select Microsoft Account and click on Remove from the drop-down menu. Now, confirm to let Windows continue with the process of deleting your Hotmail account. In a couple of seconds, it will delete all your Hotmail login details.

Delete Hotmail account login from the Settings app

Click on the start button and select settings. You will find the settings page where you will need to select the Accounts option. You can select your account and click on the Remove button. Finally, click Delete Account and Data in the confirmation dialog box. It will remove the selected Hotmail account.

Delete Hotmail account locally

Open the Settings app and click Accounts and choose the Your Info tab. Enter the password of your Hotmail account to create a new local account. Again go to the Settings app and select Email and App accounts under the Accounts tab. You will still find your deleted Hotmail account in the list of the Accounts which other apps on your PC. Click on that Hotmail account and remove it from the list.

Delete Hotmail account permanently

Go to the Microsoft website and access the Close your account page. You can sign in with Hotmail account which you want to close permanently. Use a secondary email ID to obtain a security code for verifying your identity. You will come across a list of procedures you will require to follow before closing your account. Go through the consequences of canceling an account and select a reason for leaving. This task will complete within 60 days. If you want to reopen your account, you can do that within this time period.

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