How To Set Up Hotmail On Android | Step By Step Guide

Hotmail is one of the popular email services and loaded with outstanding features With the latest transformations, more users are hooked to its features. If you are thinking of using Hotmail but do not know where to start, this step by step guide can help you in understanding how to set up Hotmail on Android.

Usually, Android devices are configured with email services like Gmail. But for some cases, you may need to sync your Hotmail account as well. If you do set up your Hotmail email service, make sure to update your profile from time to time.

How To Set Up Hotmail On Android | The Easy Guide

Setting up a Hotmail account in your Android is pretty easy if you follow the steps minutely. But before we proceed, make sure you are working with a stable internet connection.

  1. First, navigate to Home screen and tap on Mail. then move to Menu and choose More. Once you tap on it, select New Account.
  2. Once on the Accounts page, select the option POP3 or IMAP as your account type and choose the Manual Setup to move ahead.
  3. Now, enter the required credentials properly. This is an important step thus you must be careful.
  4. On the Manual Setup page, type as the server name. Similarly, choose SSL as your Security type and enter 995 as the port for the POP Server.


For SMTP Server, choose TLS for Security type and 587 as your port number. Once you confirm these changes, save the credentials and wait for some time.

  1. Now go to your Hotmail account and enter your email ID and password. If all the steps are followed correctly, then the process of how to set up Hotmail on Android device was successful. In case you keep facing problems, move to the next section.

Facing Issues In Setting Up Hotmail? Take Help From Hotmail Support

How to set up Hotmail on Android follows a series of steps and they are pretty significant since it involves a lot of changes in the settings. You may face problems if you are not tech-savvy. Apart from that, other critical issues can also occur when using Hotmail service. Quite a few people are facing error codes, and the reasons are diverse. For some, it is due to a configuration problem or internet issue while for others, it is account trouble. Whatever the situation be, you can avail our services for eliminating any Hotmail issues. We have a team of experts who provide exclusive Hotmail services at affordable rates.

How To Avail Our Hotmail Support Services?

With new and unmoderated add-ons, more troubles on the Hotmail account are disturbing users. It can be due to settings related matter or a hardware glitch. If you are facing problems while setting up your Hotmail account or after logging in, no need to look elsewhere and call the Hotmail Support number(). We have a pool of technicians who are well versed and have been dealing with Hotmail Support and Repair services for a long time. They are dedicated, self-motivated and hardworking. Thus, they leave no stone unturned while coping with your Hotmail issues.

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