Exclusive Troubleshooting Tips For Hotmail Server Error 3219

Hotmail Server Error 3219 is a common issue but most of the users cannot find the exact solution to fix it. This error code appears when you cannot send or receive emails via Hotmail. You require one log in credential to sign in to your Hotmail account, and the other one is for the mail server. When you use the same credentials for both the cases, the authentication problem arises. These two types of authentication are the preliminary cause of this issue. Hence, Hotmail denies the exchange of emails.

Read this article to understand why Hotmail cannot connect to server and resolve the error code with some easy fixes.

Factors Which Lead To Hotmail Server Error 3219

  • When you configure WLM to connect and sync mail through HTTPS link, the authentication problem occurs.  
  • Overloading or update of WLM can cause this issue. If you access your account via POP instead of IMAP, WLM cannot sync mail.
  • You face this problem if you are not using an updated version of Hotmail.
  • Hotmail cannot carry out its work due to slow internet connection or problems in the proxy server. The client-server may not support Hotmail or may deny your access.
  • The third-party Firewall or antivirus that you have installed on your computer block link to some IP of the server.
  • Wrong configuration settings do not allow Hotmail to connect to the SMPT server. It mainly happens if you have recently configured your email account.

Some Secondary Causes Of Error 3219

If you use a wrong email server name, Hotmail cannot connect to the mail server. Many ISPs block emails coming via port 25 to reduce spam emails flowing into your inbox. Internet connectivity issues can take place in the intermediate networks between your PC and email server. At that moment, a computer networking tool makes the mail server from the user’s end to display the error message. Microsoft has a limit for entering incorrect login credentials. If your attempt exceeds that limit, you can no longer access your account. If too many Hotmail accounts try to access the server, you may not connect to it due to excessive traffic.

Effective Solutions For Restoring Hotmail Server Error 3219

Use two different type of authentication for Hotmail account and the mail server. Ensure that you have not overloaded the WLM. Access your Hotmail account via POP so that WLM can sync the mail. Use an updated version of Hotmail. Check that your network can support the incoming and outgoing of emails. Verify the client-server and the proxy server. Reset the configuration settings. Use a correct email server name to a right port setting. Temporarily disable the ISPs that block emails coming via port 25. Reset the network connection in the intermediate networks between your PC and server. Exit from your Hotmail account and again login by putting the correct information. You can use a different server to avoid the network congestion.

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